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Notes for 688

Stuff to think about:

1:1 chats, social, work, coordination, interruption
what about emotion, sarcasm, stuff you don’t want logged
feature creep, federation

Systems on the web:

Babble – from IBM, designed for small, defined workgroups

Adium – tabbed multi-client IM for Mac

examples from logs:
Adrienne Sat Jan 21
Ben on Yahoo Wed Jan 18 (selling to your family)
Eric and Emily, MSN Chat Fri Jan 20 (organizing meetings)
Sarah on AOL Thur Jan 18 (when IM doesn’t work)
Liz today (quick questions)

Chat Circles – http://chatcircles.media.mit.edu/


Pokerroom.com – chat plus hand history pokerroom.com

So, what do you think ?

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