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Qual Methods Class Notes 1/31/06


context: in qualitative methods class, talking about our experiences piloting interviews

choosing recording, transcription, etc. should be methodological – can’t really do qualitative coding on interviewing notes; best way for those is transcription from recording
question order – make sure you ask everyone a small set and whatever else you get to

audio recording and transcribing

  • iTunes apps that allow you to stop/start digital recordings
  • SI has pedals for analog tapes in DIADrelationships btw interviewer and interviewee
    navigating community – think about how you present yourself to the interviewee; if you’re part of their community, will they leave out some info assuming you already know it?
    sensitivity – cultural, genderPoetry in Motion notes
    thinking about what i’m trying to do with this study –

    physicists – experts think in patterns, same with chess; novices think in surface features
    is something analogous true in poetry? experts think in tone, voice, rhythm where novices think in words?
    expertise = about levels of analysis, level of engagement, patterns of perception?

    some literature on history educaton – critical thinking skills, analysis of evidence, perspective, voice; getting at more than comprehension
    am I really asking if poetry readers become expert poetry readers?
    K-12? expert readers; Ann Brown reciprocal teaching
    from 701 – Bolter’s language splits (pictoral, verbal); contrasts visual culture vs. verbal culture – Ekphrasis
    unprounceable guy (chksmyhali something), research in 70’s about art students’ production (problem finders)

    { break }

    participant observation
    line btw PO and informal interviewing sort of blurred (from readings)
    trouble note-taking after the informal interview

    contant comparison
    ala Glaser and Strauss – constantly comparing methods, results, protocols

    For next week

    skip transcriber instructions
    memo – notes to yourself about future interviews
    coded interview – Beth’s going to post one coded in Word (probably using comment feature)
    build up a code list, think about the coding process (let the data lead you)

    Stuff I missed

    Atlas TI

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