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Social Responsibility

As I wrestle with my ideas about what to study for my dissertation, the idea of “socially responsible research” keeps bubbling up. It’s not a term I’ve heard used often; I’m borrowing it from “socially responsible investing.” I’m not sure what it means to be socially responsible or to conduct responsible research, but I’m trying to figure that out. Studying poker players and their social identities seems like a great project for me, but it’s hard for me to see immediate or short-term positive social impacts of that research. So instead, I’ve been reading up on socially responsible investing, U.S. politics, and rethinking my ideas about researching training/novices/newcomers/etc.

So, the questions weighing on my mind are:

When should I pick a Democratic candidate and start thumping for him/her? Who’s Running in 2008? (nytimes)
How can I collect data about changes in social networks over time?

What would a study of new members’ (of organizations) informal social learning look like?

When I start earning money again, where should I invest it? Socially Responsible Mutual Fund Screens (socialinvest.org)

So, what do you think ?

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