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That’s right, ladies and gents, I’m approved!  Ron, my good buddy at Quicken Loans, took me from “I wonder if I could buy a house” to “You are approved to shop for homes under $LARGE SUM” in under 2 hours.  Whoa.

According to my Google Spreadsheet, I’ve looked at 26 properties for rent, and I still have no where to live come the end of my lease.  I’ve gotten desperate.  I’ve looked at houses south of Stadium.  I clicked on a link to something in NE Ann Arbor.  Then, I took a deep breath and visited some For Sale By Owner websites.  There, I realized I might be able to buy a condo that wouldn’t cost much more than these less-than-desirables that I’ve been seeing.  So, maybe I will.  Stay tuned.


  • Andrea |


    We also just got approved to go house shopping, so we’re making a long weekend of house hunting in another week. The housing market is a pretty different story in Syracuse than A2, though – much more purchasing power than I would have expected!

    Have fun shopping – if you come up with killer tips, let me know…

  • libbyh |

    Thanks! Good luck to you guys. So far I’ve learned that mortgage fees are a baaad sign and to turn on all the faucets I see. It’s hard to ignore bad paint jobs, so if you figure out how to imagine a tastefully decorated room, please let me know!

  • ecook |

    Also, look for any signs of mold or water damage — if you see ’em, just leave. The house won’t be worth your trouble, regardless of how much else you like about it.

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