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Collaboration and Identification

My dissertation proposal threatens me. When I use an alarm clock and end up hitting “snooze,” it haunts my snooze time. It looms over my waking hours, mocking me with its shape-shifting. Writing in Word has proven ineffective, and so, I’ll try some stream-of-consciousness right here on my blog.

I think my dissertation will explore collaboration and identification. I’m especially interested in how the ways in which we identify ourselves and others influences the ways in which we work with them. Some previous work on which this builds includes

  • Common ground – Herb Clark
  • Identity in organizations – Janet Dukerich
  • Sociality – Michel Maffesoli
  • Networks and context – Bruno Latour, Stan Wasserman
  • Sensemaking (esp. property of identity) – Karl Weick
  • Personal knowledge – John Bransford
  • Smart groups – Brigid Barron
  • Facework and presentation of self – Erving Goffman
  • Social computing – Marc A. Smith, Paul Dourish

In the posts to come, I’ll try to tease out what it is about those works that I think can inform my own. The list is obviously incomplete and non-exhaustive, but it helped to write it down. Now you can all hold me accountable for it (eventually).


  • Regina |

    Did you end up sticking with this topic for your dissertation? It actually has me interested just from the little snippet you posted and where you could possibly go with the research.

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