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Libby on a leash

I gave in and picked up a BlackBerry Pearl yesterday. I was wandering around the Twelve Oaks Mall waiting for my friend to finish her cookie so we could go into the Apple store and pick up my ailing MacBook. Back to that in a sec, first the BlackBerry. So, this Pearl is HOT. H-O-T hot. I bought the white one. It looks like this:

white blackberry pearl
Aren’t you jealous? I think my inner geek may have outdone herself this time though. The BlackBerry might be too much for me. The QWERTY keyboard is a shocker after so many messages (over 400 last month) as a T9 user. My Samsung t809 is the maybe the best phone ever, and I can see myself going back to it before my 14-day trial is up on the NerdBerry (thanks for the nickname, Liz).

For those of you Gmail addicts thinking of getting a BlackBerry, I suggest using the Gmail mobile application instead of BlackBerry’s Internet Email. The Internet Email option ensures that you’ll get a buzz or ding or whatever alert every time any Tom, Dick, or Harry sends you an email. Yes, that includes the guy from some third-world country asking for a loan and the person who posts incessantly to your favorite listserv. If you get as much email as I do, your poor Pearl will wear itself out trying to get your attention. The Gmail mobile application lets you decide when to check your mail and shows the same content in your Inbox as gmail.com. That means no (or very little) SPAM, no messages you have skip your Inbox. It also means you won’t be alerted to new email. I’d rather have to check it myself that not get a moment of peace though.

If the way I used my BlackBerry today is any indication of how I’ll use it in the future, I’m officially on a leash. You can tug on it by sending me email or SMS. I’m pretty sure it works as a phone too, so you can even call me.
Now back to the MacBook. I’m usually a happy Mac user. I LOVED my PowerBook G4. It was the bomb. Then Apple started using Intel processors, and I could see the obsolescence of my little PowerBook. So, I jumped on the bandwagon and bought a MacBook. My MacBook has been ailing since the second day I owned it. I will spare you the saga. The latest news is that the guys at Apple had it for 5 days, replaced all kinds of stuff including the logic board, top case, and some switch, and my MacBook is still broken. It still has issues. It sill doesn’t work the way an investment of this size should. I am sad.

Summary: I bought a BlackBerry and am now constantly available. My MacBook is still broken. I still haven’t finished my to-do list.


So, what do you think ?

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