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Drag queens and king sized beds

You may be wondering what those two things have in common. It’s simple, really. They are both things that my four days in Philadelphia have that my life in Ann Arbor does not.

I’m in Philadelphia for a few days so I may attend Connections 2007. I’m presenting innovation diffusion research on Saturday morning. I’ll post my presentation sometime this weekend so you can see what I had to say. The conference looks pretty interesting, and I’m looking forward to the chance to meet other iSchool grad students.

The drive from Ann Arbor to Philadelphia is not one I’d recommend. Police in Ohio have nothing to do, apparently, and so they set up shop every 500 feet on the turnpike. I drove from Ann Arbor to the Pennsylvania border, and my heart was pounding the whole time. I’m sure you all know how hard it is for me to obey speed limits, and so you must understand. I also drove us from the Lancaster Plaza to the Comfort Inn, and that portion of the trip was enjoyable despite the late rush hour traffic they have here. Traffic makes me feel urban, so I don’t mind it in cities outside Ann Arbor. Well, that’s not entirely true; the Dan Ryan project makes me pretty cranky.

Our hotel is next to the Ben Franklin bridge, and what a beautiful structure! I’ll take a bunch of pictures and post them here next week. It’s blue and wonderful. I like to think that I would’ve liked it even if I didn’t study bridge building.

The drag show Jude and I saw was at Bob and Barbara’s on South Street. Apparently they host this show every Thursday night. I have to say the drag king was much better than most of the drag queens we saw. Pictures to come. Bob and Babara’s has a crazy drink special – a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon and a shot of Jim Beam for $3. Yes, that’s just three American dollars. You may be thinking that such a combination would lead to a night of drunken horribleness. At first, I worried about that too. Then, I drank my Jim Beam and realized that no, such a combination ensured sobriety. Jim Beam burns and does not taste good. PBR is one of my favorite domestics, but I couldn’t even finish my can after that shot. It was a cheap night out with decent entertainment. Thanks, Philadelphia!

Now my cheap night is over, and I’m retiring to my king size bed. I should look in to getting one of these. It’s quite lovely. Although the folks over at bettersleep.org seem to think a king size bed is for couples and/or people with children (and that single sleepers should get queens), let me speak for all the other single, childless people out there when I say, “We deserve roomy sleeping accommodations too!” Sleep well, all!

So, what do you think ?

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