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The Treo 755p and how it makes me angry

I let a manager at Wireless Toyz talk me into trying a Palm Treo 755p with Sprint. What a stupid mistake. I was perfectly happy with T-Mobile; I just needed a new phone. I should’ve gone back to the Blackberry Pearl that I had at the beginning of the month and been happy. Instead, I decided to give a full-figured PDA a try, and I’ve been angry about it every since. Here are some of the reasons the 755p is not for me:

  1. Sprint doesn’t work with SpinVox, and SpinVox may be my favorite thing of 2007
  2. Treos and Macs do not get along easy (total time to set up syncing: 3.5 hours)
  3. the 755p is a brick; it’s so heavy my pants sag when it’s in my pocket
  4. It takes 2 hands to accomplish most tasks with the 755p
  5. Sprint is insanely expensive – $105/month for voice, data, text messaging
  6. You can’t download pictures from the Treo to your desktop; you have to go through Sprint Picture Mail
  7. The default ring tones are all bad.
  8. Chat help from Palm is not available for Mac users

And those are just the 8 I could think of right away. Argh! Do not buy a 755p if you are a Mac user or value your time. I can’t speak to the Windows side, but getting iSync to work took 3.5 hours and a hard reboot of the 755p. I’m exhausted and irritated and still can’t tell if my contacts made it over to the device. Boo!

So, what do you think ?

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