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Please take me back!

I have had enough of the Treo 755p and enough of Sprint’s subpar service.� I am running back to the loving arms of T-Mobile, but first I’m taking a detour through the rebates of wirefly.com.� I called Wirefly today to make sure that I was eligible for a rebate on a new phone and service plan with T-Mobile and was assured that since I cancelled my T-Mobile account and moved to Sprint, I was in fact eligible.� So, I’m getting a free Blackberry Pearl in the next 2-3 business days.

Going back to the Pearl is exciting.� It’s smaller and easier to use than the Treo.� It also looks “cooler” and just generally rocks.� T-Mobile’s service is also $45 less per month and includes such niceties as the ability to utilize SpinVox again. Sprint doesn’t allow customers to forward their calls to a different voicemail provider, and I’ve been forced to listen to voicemail again. Bleck.� When I go back to T-Mobile on Friday, I’ll get my messages via text again.� Whew!

Stay tuned to read how much this cell phone roulette ends up costing.� I think we all know I’m not getting out of it without spending a couple hundred dollars.


  • libbyh |

    I decided the Pearl was too expensive, so I took it back during the 14 day trial period. Then, about a week after that, my lovely Samsung started acting up. It would shut off for no reason and then refuse to turn back on. I was told repairing it would cost over $100 (my limit for repair), so I went shopping for a new phone again.

    I should’ve gone straight back to the Pearl then. Or maybe I should’ve known when I returned it that I’d want it back and never returned it at all.

So, what do you think ?

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