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Field Trips and Impoverished Media

You may be surprised to hear that the rest of life continued as usual even while my days were full of documentary filming. In the last few days, I went on a rather interesting field trip and had a couple long IM conversations.

My field trip was a Saturday night at the Detroit Eagle with one of my gay boyfriends and one of his friends from out of town. You may think a gay leather bar would be a dangerous or skeevey place, but you’d be wrong. The men at the Eagle were friendly (to me and to each other) and interesting. The bar was cleaner, less expensive, and less creepy than your average Ann Arbor bar. The Eagle is nicer than Scorekeepers, the Monkey Bar, Touchdown Cafe, maybe even Conor O’Neills on the weekend. There was an air of respect at the Eagle that is definitely lacking in those straight meat markets.

I was going to continue this post and include stuff about my IMing, but I think I’ll start a new post.  Is that the right convention?  1 post ~ 1ish topics?

So, what do you think ?

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