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Libby finds music on YouTube

Gentle readers, I must confess, I love pop music. Not all of it, obviously, but sometimes I can’t help myself. Have you seen Josie and The Pussycats? Many things in that movie grabbed my attention, but I identified most with the poor saps who were mesmerized by the pop music. YouTube is the newest way pop music infiltrates my life. A couple weeks ago I was reading a thing on Forbes.com about the most popular videos on YouTube. They definitely lumped me with 13 year old girls because I, too, love Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” and its video. At first, I was worried that my cultural growth had stopped at 13, but I think my May travels to historical places and museums is recent evidence to the contrary. I wanted to share this video with you all though because I find that people who hear the song in my car get hooked. It’s catchy, especially if you’re a girl who went to high school.

I also found a video from the Nadas, an Iowa band I miss seeing live. Lucky for me, I’ll be in Iowa for their show in Arnolds Park in July. Many of my friends from Michigan and Chicago will be there too, and it will be a great day. I love friends!

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