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The Pearl lasts for.ev.er

So I was on the phone for almost 200 minutes today, and the Pearl still has battery remaining. In fact, it has more than one bar of battery remaining. I didn’t even have time to get the thing fully charged! I’m impressed. Yes, I got another BlackBerry Pearl today. I ran back to the comforting arms of T-Mobile, and I’m thrilled. It took literally 30 seconds to sync all my data to the phone, and I could not be more pleased. Given the 4+ hour debacle of trying to get the Treo and the Mac to get along, I was bracing myself for difficulty. Everything worked smoothly though.

I just returned from a couple hours out with some friends at the 8 Ball Saloon. The 8 Ball is a truly wonderful place. Ann Arbor doesn’t have many bars that combine dart boards, pool tables, cheap drinks, laid back attitudes, and permanent hand stamps. In fact, I’m not sure we have any other bars that have all those things. Oh, and popcorn! Yum. I stopped after one drink tonight, but you wouldn’t know it if you’d seen me lying in the back of a pickup during a post-midnight McDonald’s run. My friend Jessie and I needed some French fries, and Cory obliged. Here’s the evidence to prove it:
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So, what do you think ?

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