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Oh, Canada

Some friends invited me on a last minute trip to Toronto Saturday, and of course, I went. This was my first trip to Toronto, and I had a wonderful time. I took a lot of pictures. My favorite place on our whirlwind tour was definitely

Smokeless Joe’s

They have yummy oysters and a fantastic beer selection (250+). The bar staff was super friendly and helpful. One of them (d’oh, I can’t remember his name!) makes homemade hot sauces that are fantastic. I highly recommend oysters with his papaya habanero sauce and a little lemon juice. I would’ve eaten all they had if my stomach and wallet had room.

The real reason for our trip was to catch the True Colors Tour at the Molson Amphitheatre. The tour supports the Human Rights Campaign. HRC works for equal rights, and you should support them too. Jolie’s friend Tara road managed The Gossip for this tour, and she hooked us up big time. We got VIP passes, free tickets, and to stand BACKSTAGE ON THE STAGE during Erasure and Margaret Cho. We would’ve been there for Cyndi Lauper too, but Ms. Lauper actually asked us not to come out on stage. The stage manager freaked and asked us to leave. I think Ms. Lauper just wanted us to stay put, not that she wanted us to walk away, but whatever.

Here’s the video produced for HRC and the True Colors Tour:

So, what do you think ?

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