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Where did all the senses of humor go?

Hillary Clinton cracks me up. She posted (or had someone post, whatever) a funny video to YouTube that you should go watch – only 53 seconds. What’s even more funny than the video are the comments. Unfortunately, the comments are funny-sad, not funny-haha like the video. I can’t imagine taking myself so seriously that I think Hillary Clinton would not be speaking tongue-in-cheek when asking me to help her pick a campaign song. shpongolina, kamason86, and company might just need something to complain about.

While getting those user profile links for the cranky commenters, I learned that kamason86 is a Ron Paul supporter. sphongolina’s a Dennis Kucinich guy/gal. Hm, ok.

Libby = still undecided

So, what do you think ?

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