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SpinVox or Voice to Text Fanciness

I can’t believe I haven’t posted explaining why I love SpinVox, a remarkable service that has nearly eliminated my voicemail headaches. Those of you who call me know that I often just don’t pick up. It’s nothing personal; I just don’t love talking on the phone. SpinVox converts my voicemails into text messages and emails, and I’ve saved hours reading those and calling back instead of waiting through painful voicemail menus. SpinVox even saves the audio version of all my voicemails so that if it gets the transcription wrong, or I want to hear, say, my friends singing me “Happy Birthday,” then I can still listen to the original.

You may remember that I left T-Mobile (foolishly!) for a couple weeks in May, and I was so upset that Sprint doesn’t allow users to change the forwarding number for unanswered calls that I nearly cried. T-Mobile is happy to let me forward my unanswered calls to the number SpinVox provided. T-Mobile loves me and wants me to be happy.

Unfortunately, SpinVox is no longer accepting new U.S. customers – at least not individuals. I think they’re targeting carriers and trying to get them to offer SpinVox services as part of wireless bundles. So, maybe pestering your wireless carrier will help? Maybe there’s another voice-to-text service out there that could save you hours of listening to voicemail menus too. I see I missed out on SpinVox for Blackberry, another probably rockin’ service that had a limited introductory period. Well, at least I can read my voicemails while I wait for that to hit the larger, open market. I hope you iPhone users are enjoying visual voicemail, but even that has nothing on SpinVox’s free pricetag and not-tied-to-a-handset feature.

New technologies often make me cranky or leave me unimpressed. SpinVox is a rare exception, and I love it. I don’t need perfect transcription of my voicemails, and I don’t need to listen to them in real-time. They’ve managed to take an imperfect technology (voice recognition) and solve a real problem. Well done, SpinVox, and thanks for letting me into your beta!

So, what do you think ?

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