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Back in TV Land – Big Break for Hem?

I’m sure none of you who know me are surprised to find that the Major League Baseball playoffs have brought me back to TV land. What may surprise you is that my favorite part of re-entry is a Liberty Mutual Insurance ad – watch it here. Hem is one of my favorite bands. I love their music, their vibe, the feel of their shows. They supplied the music for that ad, and it’s my favorite ad of the playoffs. If you haven’t checked out Hem, please do. You can download mp3’s from their website.

Turns out I’m not alone in liking the ad or in liking Hem. Scrivener likes Hem and appreciates the ad too. Let’s hope that the ad, and maybe Mandy Moore liking “All That I’m Good For” give Hem the boost they deserve. Go buy their music!

I’ve seen Hem twice – once at Schuba’s during a blizzard and again at the Ark on a perfectly nice evening. I’ve introduced a number of friends to their music, and I remained indebted to Elizabeth for introducing me in the first place. Sometimes I try to decide which song is my favorite, but I can never choose just one. Rabbit Songs wins for best Hem album though.

Update: The song in the commercial is “The Part Where You Let Go” written by Dan Messe. Dan wrote the wonderful “Half Acre” as well, but that’s not the song in the commercial. There you go, emailers, the answer. Enjoy!

So, what do you think ?

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