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ECC Trivia: slump test

I spent about 3 hours with the students in the ACE-MRL lab this morning while they mixed and poured some engineered cementitious composite. I learned lots of things, but right now, I’m offering you this linguistic tidbit: slump.

In this case, slump refers not to the Hawkeye football season or some other sudden, severe decline in value but to a kind of test performed on concrete. In the slump test, fresh concrete is poured into an almost-cone, someone pulls the cone up, and then someone measures how far from the center of the cone the concrete ends up. Basically, you make a pancake of concrete and measure its radius. The results of a slump test tell you something about how “workable” the concrete is – how easily you can “place” it in a structure or form of some kind. It also tells you how cohesive that mix is.

So there you go. Today’s bit of flexible concrete trivia is “slump.” Pictures to come!

So, what do you think ?

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