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New (to me) and Useful: Mint.com

Ah, finances. What a pain. I just started using Mint.com to keep track of mine. I tried using Quicken, but that was too complicated for me. I really hated getting my bank account balances right – why won’t Quicken make it easier to start using it in the middle of a month? Who starts at $0 anyway? Enough about Quicken. Mint automatically logs in to my bank accounts (including credit cards), categorizes my spending (I adjusted about 10 transactions), and then shows me where my money goes. It also shows me how much I owe relative to how much I make, where I might be able to save money, and how I’m doing according to my budget. Rock! Check it out.

I found out about Mint on the BusinessWeek.com 101 Best Web Freebies slideshow.


So, what do you think ?

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