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I wonder if I’m the only person at DTW blogging right now? I bet not. Given how many bloggers are on the move this week, and how prone we all are to complaining about travel (especially holiday travel), I’m sure someone else in the McNamara Terminal is venting his/her frustrations while I type.

You, dear reader, are lucky. I’m not writing to complain! Instead, I’m writing to catch up. I’ve experienced some personal and professional turmoil in the last few weeks, and my little blogging adventure had to get pushed down the priority stack. But here I am, on vacation, and I thought a little blogging might cheer me up.

You’ll be interested to know that it takes a mere 46 minutes to get from the front door of the Sheraton Four Points in Ann Arbor to the down escalator just past security at Detroit’s McNamara Terminal. I know you just shouted, “Liar!” or something even less nice, but it’s true. I timed it. I took the 3:00pm Michigan Flyer shuttle from the Sheraton, sat in the very last row of the bus, and still made it through security by 3:46pm. Whatever security does (or does not do) at Detroit should be repeated in as many U.S. airports as possible. (Are you listening, Denver?!)

I hopped on the tram and landed here, near the Taco Bell, by the high number gates. I ran into some of the flight attendants who will be manning (or womanning as the case may be) Northwest flight 757 to Minneapolis. They’re chatty and smiley and like their tacos crunchy. Why would I tell you this? Because I’m sure some horrible passenger is going to try to ruin one of their days by being a jerk, and I just wanted you to know that these flight attendants are just like the rest of us.

Oh, that reminds me of my favorite good sportsmanship commercial of the football season. I think it’s by the Big 12. It has people yelling at some guy gardening and some other people doing other jobs, and the narrator says something like, “You don’t do it anywhere else.” That’s right. Referees and flight attendants deserve respect too.

I’m off to compile a “what I learned in the last 2 weeks” post. I’ll send it over from Iowa sometime this week. May your holiday travel be safe and enjoyable whether you’re going across the living room or across the country.

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