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A white background is irresponsible

I wish I could balance energy usage with easy-to-read text, but I just can’t. I like big contrast, I like blank space. And so, libbyh.com has gone back to white. I’m sorry, world, for using more energy. I really am. I will try to find a color scheme somewhere between the black of earlier this week and the white of today; an intermediate gray might do the trick.

To learn more about how much power display colors use, visit EnergyStar’s informative site. Right now, if you’re reading this on my blog and not in your reader (whose color scheme I don’t know), you’re using 74 Watts when yesterday at this time, with the old black background, you would’ve used only 59 Watts. Please turn off some other light. We can work together to lower our energy consumption.

So, what do you think ?

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