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Ink well?

So I borrowed my friend's Uacom padh do a little teshmg. I'm Using A to write this post.Sv far , It's not doing SO weU.Some Of you owtthere May want toArgue that this lS a PEBKAC issue,but I know better.What I dm'd know Is how toInsert spaces .Ov hew to preventthem from be,. ngInsert ed.there's a settingthat asked about tWspa e1ng M my handwriting, and£ shouldplay with that.I should also Work on picking up my pen betweenletters H see Ms.OK .Eng ouchvvtt` ng In Ink .

So there you go, my first blog post written using Inkwell, Apple’s built-in handwriting technology (strangely, they have no page about it that I can find). Thank you, Cory, for loaning me your Wacom pad. I can see how I might grow to love such a thing but think that maybe my interview subjects will not. Of course, when I’m interviewing people who like new technologies, they may get excited about using the pad to draw and sketch for me, and that would mean more data. More data is my favorite kind. Well, maybe not my favorite, but you know what I mean.

Here’s a translation of what that paragraph should have said:

So I borrowed my friend's Wacom pad to do a little testing. I'm using it to write this post. So far, it's not doing so well. Some of you may want to argue that this is a PEBKAC issue, but I know better. What I don't know is how to insert spaces or how to prevent them from being inserted. There's a setting that asked about the spacing in my handwriting, and I should play with that. I should also work on picking up my pen between letters. Ok. Enough writing in Ink.

I guess the lesson here is that, on first use, Ink and Wacom work well enough that I can decipher what I wrote but not well enough to capture it all on the first pass. Not bad for a first time, I guess. Oh, and PEBKAC = Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair (i.e. user’s fault). It’s (almost) never the user’s fault. Stuff should just work.

So, what do you think ?

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