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Beer project update

I’ve been asked a couple times lately about my 365 Beers in 365 Days Project. Well, folks, that was an overly ambitious goal. I have until April 15 to complete the project, but that’s not going to happen.

Here are today’s summary statistics:
Total beer count: 144
Beer drinking rate: 0.503 beers/day
Number of watery domestics consumed: 5
Number of different breweries: 96
Number of beer styles (e.g. pilsner, IPA): 19
Brewery with most beers on list: Tie between Brown’s (Troy, NY; thanks, Ann, Lisa-Joy, and Dan for your help!) and dillon DAM Brewery (Dillon, CO; Thanks, Mom!)
Favorite brewery: Stone (I’ll be visiting the Stone Brewery in February. Stay tuned!)

I don’t mind that I won’t get anywhere near my 365/365 goal. This little project has helped me figure out what I like in beer (hops, and lots of it) and what I don’t like (stouts, ew). I now know what I want with a hamburger (lager) or on its own (IPA). I’ve learned quite a bit, and that’s good enough. I’ll keep updating you on my progress; this project may become a drinking approach rather than a drinking project. Sometimes one just wants to drink a beer one likes, a familiar friend in a bottle or pint glass; this crazy 365 thing made that pretty hard, and I just couldn’t keep up.


  • bill |

    I feel a little bad that I fell off this horse too. I even have a big pile of software that is more or less ready to track such things (that server is powered off, stored away). But, that was a lot of purposeful drinking. Fun for a while, a lot of a whole year. Maybe I’ll ressurect beerstreet a month long or season long project.

  • libbyh |

    Amen, brother. Maybe now we should have a project like, “Introduce Your Friends to X New Beers in Y Days.” Then we can drink what we want but maybe still get sips of other stuff. And it’ll still be an adventure for someone.

So, what do you think ?

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