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New Media consulting

Yes, I am available for hire. I’ve received some email inquiries about whether I’m available for contract work. I am indeed. If you’re looking for help

  • Setting up a wiki, blog, or intranet,
  • Analyzing wiki or blog traffic and use,
  • Writing surveys and interview protocols, or
  • Analyzing survey and interview data,

send me email. My recent work focuses on improving collaborations and facilitating organizational knowledge sharing. I also have 8 years of web development experience (ASP, SQL Server, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript) and 5 years of research experience (interviews, surveys, statistical analysis). I have installed blogs and wikis in a variety of organizations and environments and have run workshops for individuals interested in setting up their own. I can give workshops to large and small groups about what new media technologies are, how they can be used, and what pitfalls they present.

Thank you for your interest!

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