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Where would you start?

If you were to crawl the whole web to get an index of the content there, where would you start? Well, Wikia members are answering that very question on the Wikia Search Whitelist. This list is supposed to be a list of the good starting points for crawling the web. From the Whitelist itself: “They should be the kind of thing people will want to find in a good quality search result.” It seems there’s an opportunity here for people who know a little something about searching and information needs (ahem, librarians, ahem) to jump in and make a difference. Maybe I’m dreaming. In my dreams, librarians would be there to help me on the web; Wikia search could be a place to make a little bit of that happen. Like the Internet Public Library only with different priorities and audiences. I’m not sure. Either way, this Whitelist and Wikia Search in general seem like big opportunities for information professionals.

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  • Molly Kleinman |

    Okay, this librarian jumped in to help. That list is already long and messy, although it’s not quite as full of junk as I thought at first glance. I didn’t delete anything, but I did reorganize a bit, and I added a section for trustworthy health and science sites. I think it suggests something about the current contributors to the Wikia wiki that there were at least a dozen gaming links, and a whole section on religion, but only three links (that I could find) for health information. They definitely need more librarians in the mix.

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