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Free filing my taxes

I’m a happy TurboTax customer and recommend them if you’re looking for a free filing option. I was able to file my federal and state returns this morning for the low, low price of $0. My AGI is less than $54,000, and I am less than 30, so I had a lot of free file options. I also have a tiny bit of interest and dividend income, and sometimes that additional income means I can’t use the free filing option that the big boys like CompleteTax, TurboTax, and H&R Block offer. Not so this year, TurboTax was easy-to-use and totally free. State returns aren’t free in every state, but Michigan offers a free file option. Many of the federal free file options won’t file your state return for free, but TurboTax will.

If E*Trade would send my 1099-DIV before January 31, I would file my taxes even earlier. I’m not interested in giving the government any extra time with the interest-free loan I provide them all year. Granted, that loan is teeny, but to me, it’s a bunch of money. Someday my taxes will be complicated, and I may even want the extra couple of months to get together money to cover taxes I owe, but now while I’m broke and itching for that refund, I file ASAP. Good luck to you with your own taxes!


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