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Best Jobs of 2008: Professor

U.S. News included “Professor” on its list of 31 best jobs for 2008. That’s cool. They even provide an executive summary of why they like it so much. They’re right that tenure is pretty sweet, if you can get it. They’re not so right that being a woman helps you land a tenure-track job though. Beware the popular press. Well, all the press really. Just beware.

I don’t mean to be a stampeding feminist, well, maybe I do. Doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the gender gap in tenure-track hiring and tenure awarding is not closed, and women are most certainly not getting the advantage U.S. News claims.

Quick look at references about gender bias in tenure-track hiring:

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Chronicle of Higher Ed – 11/6/2006 – AAUP Report Blames Colleges for Gender Inequity Among Professors

So, what do you think ?

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