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More poker, please

I arrived safely in Seattle yesterday and am settling in to my summer city. I tend to be a bit restless right after moves like this one, so I took myself to a very calming place last night – a poker room. Washington State has relatively liberal gaming laws that allow small (~10 table games, no slots) casinos, and some of those casinos have added poker rooms now that Texas Hold ‘Em is booming. I checked online before I got here, and was led astray. Don’t bother relying on the information you get by searching Yahoo! or Google for “seattle poker rooms.” There is no poker room at the Riverside Casino in Tukwila. There is across the street at the Golden Nugget though. (Don’t bother searching for Washington’s gambling laws either; they don’t make much sense. Bottom line, gambling’s around.)

The Golden Nugget had two games running – $3/6 limit and $4/8 limit. I play both games in the Detroit casinos every once in awhile, but I generally start low until I know more about the place and its players. This place was nice enough – it’s a poker room, afterall. It’s players, however, not so much. I was playing from seat 2, not a bad spot to see the cards and everyone playing. The woman in seat 3 was completely uninterested in talking to anyone she didn’t know (she knew one of the dealers and her husband across the table). She spent most of her time playing crazy tight poker and slurping barbecued pork chow mein. No, I’ve never been to a casino that brings Chinese food to you at the table. None of the players were chatty, which is odd for a poker table.  Of course, we were playing almost 40 hands a hour, so maybe we just didn’t have time to chat.

Near the end of the night, the guy who always folds a hand that would have one (if you ever play poker, you know this guy), sat down next to me. I’d rather not talk at all than listen to “What? jack, deuce? I had jack, three. That woulda been my pot,” when two pair – jacks and twos – win, and “Man, if I hadn’t folded my 3-6” when the flop comes 3-King-6. If he were ever telling the truth, I’d care what he had to say because then I’d know more about how to play him. But, since he announces every single hand that he had a better one and folded it, no information is gained, but I get annoyed.

You know what’s a good cure for annoying, though?  $1.25 ice cold drafts of Miller Genuine Draft.  I kid you not.  $1.25.  That was a nice glass to end a very long day.

So, what do you think ?

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