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I had oysters for lunch today; woot! I visited Emmet Watson’s Oyster Bar in Pike Place and had Hunter, Penn Cove, and Fanny Bay oysters. Oysters are salty and slippery and yummy and wonderful, and I’m very glad to have so many reasonably priced raw bar options here in Seattle. Emmet’s was a nice place to start, and half a dozen little buggers set me back only $9.50. Hear that, Zingerman’s Roadhouse? ($9.50 might get you three at my oyster spot in Ann Arbor.) Here’s a peak at my tasty lunch:

My oyster plate

Dessert came across the street at a fruit stand in Pike Place Market. White peaches are ripe and ridiculously juicy. I got peach juice all over my arm, but man, that was a fine fruit.

Fruit stand

So, what do you think ?

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