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Blogging on the bus

It occurs to me, while riding the Microsoft Connector bus (MSFT’s private, wireless-enabled buses that shuttle us through a reverse commute between Seattle and Redmond) back to my sublet, that I have changed.  When you read what I have to say, you may think that only what I think has changed and that I remain the same.  I assure you that’s not the case, but that rather, I have changed, my very being is different now than it was.  First, I’ll tell you how I know this is true.  I prefer Ann Arbor to Seattle.

That’s right, I admit that I prefer Ann Arbor to a bustling city more than twice its size and complete with public transit, professional sports, excellent restaurants, and a slew of other things I’ve been missing for years.  The trouble is, working a “real” job with real hours means I don’t have the time or energy to enjoy these Seattle offerings.  At the end of a day like today, what I most want to do is to sit in my yard or one of my friends’ yards, drink a beer, grill some meat, and talk about nothing and everything.  If I were really lucky, it would be a grilling night at Bill and Jolie’s or I’d be sitting outside at Zingerman’s.

Ann Arbor and Seattle are the sum of their parts, and right now, I miss Ann Arbor’s parts.  I miss my roommates, my yard, my friends, my cats, my home office, my 10 minute commute, my kitchen, my chef’s knife, my fellow social scientists.  Sure, Seattle has fresh food, hiking, Microsoft, old friends I haven’t seen in a year or longer, poker rooms, a new and interesting research project, and many other things to recommend it.  The trouble is, I made a home in Ann Arbor.  I thought I’d made some friends and rented a house, but I made a home.  And I miss it.


  • Molly |

    Aww! Ann Arbor misses you, too. I can’t speak for Zingerman’s, the chef’s knife, or your fellow social scientists, but the roommates, the grillers, and the yard all miss you very much, and Mario Kart asks about you every day.

  • Andrea |

    Yep, I miss A2 like that as well. Syracuse doesn’t have the cultural resources that Ann Arbor does, and I don’t have the time to enjoy what Syracuse does have to offer. I spent 7 years making a very comfortable life in Ann Arbor and even after a year, I have none of that here – no local friends, no favorite hangouts, nothing but my house and Hinds Hall and the path in between. But on the other hand, this is temporary and in a few more years, I can find someplace else to call home, even though it just doesn’t feel that way. 😛

  • libbyh |

    I thought it would be really easy to move to a new place, especially where I already have friends. I underestimated how truly righteous it is to work from where ever I want, whenever I want. Andrea, I hope that some of what you’re experiencing is a first year PhD oddity. Do you guys have any cohort-building things there? Rick, Emilee, and some other SI students drank beer regularly our first year. Granted, without 701 we might not have needed so much beer, but going out definitely helped us become friends.

    I sure hope you guys have moved up in the worldwide rankings, Molly. Please tell Mario Kart I’ll be home soon enough to get my butt kicked.

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