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Moving Data

A couple months ago someone hacked into a perfectly innocent server some friends and I use for things like storing backups of our dissertations and running Perl scripts. I was in Seattle when this happened so couldn’t be much help in the recovery process. The helpful people at SI Computing recovered all the data from the server and put in on another server (“SIC”) for me to access. My job was to move all the data from SIC to a third place so that SI Computing could have their Projects space back. I haven’t ever had to remotely administer such a data transfer task. So, I had to learn a few new UNIX commands. Here’s how I was able to move 57GB of data from the “SIC” server to the “Hosted” server. I used “screen” and “scp” commands to securely copy my data without requiring a Terminal window to stay open for the 36 hours it took the data transfer to complete. The most helpful websites I could find for those are

screen: http://jmcpherson.org/screen.html
scp: http://kb.iu.edu/data/agye.html

1. ssh libbyh@sic.edu
2. screen
3. scp MyData libbyh@hosted.com:MyData
4. Ctrl+A, d
5. exit

That should do it. You can check in on the data transfer by typing this at the prompt:

screen -r

Hopefully your next big data migration will go as smoothly as mine did.

So, what do you think ?

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