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My new iPhone

I had a great week at the poker tables last week and spent some of my winnings on a 16GB iPhone. I’ve railed against Cingular for years over a fight we had about an alleged many hour phone call from Canada to the U.S. (I didn’t make the call, they billed me, drama). I said I’d never go back. Ever. Then came the iPhone 3G. Well, and Cingular returned to AT&T. So I’m back. I’m not sure I’m ready to part with my BlackBerry Pearl, and I haven’t ported my number yet just in case. First, I’ll get them to unlock my BlackBerry so it can be a backup phone anyway. But that’s not the point. My new iPhone is the point. Here are my favorite parts, my least favorite parts, and the things I need to think about some more.

+ overall awesomeness

+ giant screen

+ really good typo correction

+ free apps, especially Pandora and Yelp


+ MobileMe

– can’t cut and paste from a text message

– gets hot when in use

– built in Mail app is U-G-L-Y

– AT&T sends me cryptic emails with abbreviations like “CTN” and “CSS” that make no sense

Needs more thought:

Should I fork over the $9.99 for a tethering app so that I can use it as a wifi modem with my laptop? (sigh, another $10 spent, most likely)

Should I buy new V-moda headphones or stick with my Shures? (probably Shures)

Should I keep my Seattle number as a reminder of my summer here? (doubtful)


So, what do you think ?

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