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New and (Potentially) Useful: Cuil

Have you seen Cuil? It’s another new search engine. It shows results in a grid kinda like the front page of my blog. The results skew toward social media in use, at least when I search for “libby hemphill”. I got Intermedia and wiki research results. That’s cool, ’cause I publish and study wikis, but my blog didn’t show up on the first page of results. A search for “microsoft research” showed another new feature – categories of search results. It offered to show me “Microsoft Employees,” “ACM magazines,” and “.NET Progamming Languages,” for example. No other search engine has been able to help me find a bar in Redmond that has the MLB package. Can Cuil find me a place to watch the Cubs? Let’s see…

Cuil says, “No results were found for: mlb package bar redmond”

Bummer. Yes, I tried other keyword combinations on this and other search engines. Yes, I asked the social mailing list at Microsoft. Yes, I asked every person I could find who might care about baseball. No, I still haven’t found a place to watch the Cubs.

Thanks, Natalie Hanson, for the Cuil link.  She and I are on the anthrodesign Yahoo! Group mailing list.  Sometimes it’s good to click through signature links.

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  • Natalie Hanson |

    Hi Libby, thanks for reading my blog, I’m glad you found the post interesting. FYI that I am the founder and moderator of anthrodesign. I am glad you are enjoying the list! Best, Natalie

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