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Technology I could use

Here are two things I want that I don’t have the time (or probably the skills) the code:

1. A flight search engine that searches flights from multiple destinations to one.  I want to use this when planning trips with my family and friends.  We don’t all live in the same place.  We’d like to get together.  This seems like a pretty common task (e.g. national holidays, girls’ weekend, bachelor parties, etc.).  I shouldn’t have to search each person’s flight independently and then hope that the one around the time of everyone else’s doesn’t sell out or go up in price before I find flights for everyone.  I’m pretty sure Kayak’s API could do this, but I don’t have time to figure it out.

2. Movies starting near me in the next couple of hours with the added bonus of web ticket sales.  This seems like an iPhone app that should already exist.  I can’t even find this on the web though.  Does movietickets.com or some other site let me search by zip code and time?

Anybody know where I can find these or want to build them for me for free?  Sweet.


  • Andrea |

    There’s an iPhone app (or two) that will do location-aware finding for movies. I have Box Office, which works very nicely and includes Rotten Tomatoes ratings if you care for that. I haven’t checked whether the other similar apps have any functionality for online purchasing of tickets – that’s the one missing feature that I haven’t seen.

    The app that I really want is something that will search for hotel rooms based on radius from a location. When I go to a conference, I want to book a room within walking distance from the conference location. I can’t even estimate how much time I waste mapping out the locations of individual lodgings with respect to the conference venue, but it’s frustrating because you know that the machines could do it better.

  • Ben |

    My company uses American Express’ corporate web tool for booking travel. It includes search-by-distance from a specified address. Results are presented in both list and map views. The downside is that they exclude from the results any hotels with whom we don’t have a corporate rate.

So, what do you think ?

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