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Windows 7, or, Seeking Solace When Apple Makes Me Cry

Regular readers know I’ve had a rough time with Apple hardware lately. In fact, I forgot that I also had to have my 4th generation iPod replaced because the middle button stopped working. So, that means that only my iPod Shuffle has functioned as promised and not required service. Anyway, I’m intrigued by Windows 7 and took the plunge today. Well, as much plunge as one takes when making a virtual machine.

To get your own virtual Windows 7 machine, visit TuxDistro for a torrent. Yes, the virtual machine will work in Fusion on a Mac. Downloading the zip file through Vuze took me about 7 hours today.

First impressions? My goodness, Win7 boots fast. After I updated VMWare tools and clicked “restart,” I switched back to Flock to Tweet about my new virtual machine. By the time I had logged in and read the first couple tweets my friends had posted, my Win7 machine was waiting for me to login. That was insanely fast. Certainly beat the pants off the Vista virtual machine I use every day. The new taskbar is a nice touch; it uses icons for running programs so it’s easy to tell on which one you should click. I had no problems installing and running OpenOffice or Netflix Watch Instantly. I’ll post again when I’ve given Win7 a true test. Also, some time this weekend I’ll put a Win7 virtual machine on the Linux box downstairs and see how that goes. I got VMWare Player, a free program for running virtual machines, installed this morning, but then I had work to do. Stay tuned.

So, what do you think ?

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