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Review: iPhone glass replacement from Mission: Repair

My Situation

I dropped my iPhone 3G and broke its glass. I was so distraught about dropping it that I never got a picture of the broken glass. Trust me, it was depressing.

I checked with the Apple store about a repair, and they offered me a replacement for $299 + tax. That seemed steep and wasteful, so I went hunting online for repair options. No need to fill landfills with broken iPhones. I found two companies who do iPhone glass repairs and had positive reviews: Mission: Repair and iResQ. After blogging about my broken glass, I got emails and blog comments from employees at both companies. Way to be on top of the blogosphere, guys. After checking prices and reviews, I decided to go with Mission: Repair.

Disclaimer: Ryan at Mission: Repair offered to pay me for the ads on my blog whether I got my repair through them or not. He also offered me the same discount available to Apple store visitors who get a coupon from the Genius bar.

My Repair

I chose the 3G iPhone Digitizer Glass Repair and the “I’ll send it in; return it to me overnight!” option for $9 extra.

My Review

So, how did it go? Swimmingly!

I sent the phone off via USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation on Monday from Ann Arbor.  According to the USPS, my package arrived at 11:25am. Less than 2 hours later, I received an email from Phil at MR letting me know they had received my iPhone and would fix it right away.  They fixed it Wednesday, shipped it first thing Thursday morning, and I received my phone back in near-new condition on Friday in Los Angeles (I was traveling). At first I was concerned that the glass was not flush with the sides of the phone, but I saw the “real” thing at the Apple store today, and the glass isn’t flush on brand new iPhones either.

Bottom Line

Mission: Repair will fix your iPhone glass for less than the other guys and will do it fast and right. I highly recommend them.


  • Rex M |

    oh thanks so much fer the review. i was wondering who could repair iphones. mission repair and i also came across milliamp.com so at least we have iphone repair choices online beside just apple.

  • hyder |

    I used mission repair two days ago. just recieved my iphone back its as good as new. really liked their fast service, my phone was recieved by them on wednesday 10:00am they had fixed it and shipped it back same day, today thursday i have my phone with me.

  • Damara F |

    I had no idea what it would cost to get the glass on my iphone replaced. I am very happy to have found Mission Repair online. Timely repair at half the cost of what Apple would have charged me. Fortunately, I live in the KC metro area. I got my phone back the same day it was taken in for repair. And it looks exactly as it did before it took a dreadful fall onto tile. When my husband cracks the glass on his iphone, we’ll be back to Mission Repair.

  • Brian Clay |

    I love helpful reviews. I am in a panic over my cracked screen. I checked out the site and am going to go with Mission Repair. I’ll try to follow up and let you know how things went. Thanks for the great review though. It’s eased my fears. 🙂

  • Nola Tom |

    Got my screen fixed at “Apple Repair Shop” in New Orleans and it was good as new.
    It was $99, but I paid $25 extra for 1 hour service. ($125)

    But yea, the “Geniuses” wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole because it was jailbroken.

  • Joanna |

    I was very pleased–I was in a panic and very distrute to hear taht Apple/AT&T does not care about their customers–I don’t understand twhy the consumer of america has not boycotted there unethical customer relations. I sent my Iphone on Friday afternoon and it was returned to me all shiney and new by Wednesday morning. They repaired my broken screen I called several times–you can always speak to a live person–they are willing to answer all of your questions–they are very professional.

  • j singer |

    I live in Kansas City area and took iPhone to Mission Repair. It was repaired (broken face glass)on time as promised next day. After a week or so the screen became non responsive a couple of times. I called them on the phone, they expressed concern and said they would check it out. I took the phone out about 4:00pm on Friday afternoon. They couldn’t verify my concern, but offered to switch out the parts while I waited.
    That’s what I call service……the phone works just fine, maybe even better than when it was new.


  • Phillip Partipilo |

    I had Mission Repair take care of my glass replacement on my second 3G. The first one, I dunked into a toilet. It never worked agan. I disassembled it, and saw how insanely complicated that phone is, how tiny the connectors are, so when I cracked the glass on my second 3G, I sent it to these guys.

    Top notch service. I felt the need to post my experience on here, as it was one of the highest google links.

    Seriously, they fixed it to 100%. You would *NEVER* know it was broken and repaired.

    I chose this cool plan, they ship me a prepaid box with foam inside, overnight, I shove the iphone in there that day, ship it out that day. They receive it next day, fix it and send it out the same day, overnight. I was without a phone just 3 days.

    These guys rock.

  • Rich |

    I tried Myiphonerepair.com and found them to be incompetent. They advertise fixing any problem for $109 and speedy turn around…that is not true. Their repair left my phone with a newly broken camera (and another $25 charge) and no reception. I now have a useless phone. It took them over a month to do the repairs and when I complained, they twice told me that the problems were not their fault that the phone was working properly when it left them. Despite my patience and willingness to pay some additional $ to fix the camera that they broke, they refused to acknowledge that they were ever at fault. Terrible service… DO NOT USE MYIPHONEREPAIR.COM !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan S. |

    Mission Repair is just as incompetent as myiphonerepair.com in my experience. Arrogant staff and shoddy parts. I’d keep looking, I think there is better out there. Came across http://www.blueraven.com and http://www.iresq.com. Too late for me, but do research. Mission is behind a lot of their own “good” press so watch out for the deception!

    • libbyh |

      Yes, it’s true that many companies are behind much of their own press. My iPhone is still as good as new, and Mission Repair fixed it for me 9 months ago. That’s good enough for me. The market for iPhone repair is growing though, so more options are available now. Do your research, sure, but I stand behind my Mission: Repair recommendation.

  • Dontlie |

    Libbyh why would you come back and post another comment after nine months? That’s the sacry part of this, libbyh came and after nine months and commented on the same day as a negetive post. I was going to use these people to fix my phone but thanks to Libby I’m out. To good to be true

    • libbyh |

      Um, because it’s my blog, and I reply to comments on my blog. Kinda like I’m replying to yours right now. There are plenty of places to get your iPhone fixed, and I hope you find one that meets your needs.

  • Justin |

    I live in California and with the economy the way it is … i am was looking for a more local company that offered similar services to Mission Repair. I found NETEFX at http://www.netefx.net. They were able to repair my iPhone 3GS screen and did a fantastic job. I requested a shipping kit. They sent an overnight label and a special shipping box. The next day I received notification they had received my iPhone at 10:35 AM and it was fixed and already being sent back to me by 2:30 PM the same day. Three days later I had my iPhone back to looking and working great. They are friendly and professional…cant beat that!

  • iphone repair |

    Like everyone has said, there are alot of repair shops out there.
    Do your research, if you are not comfortable with sending your phone to a shop buy mail. Then find a local one. In my home town (Wichita, KS) I tried http://www.fix-iphones.com. They are online, but they also have a local store front that I could go to. Which worked for me.

  • desperately seeking |

    I have been online for about 2 hours looking for somewhere close to me that I can take my iphone to replace the cracked screen. It is unlocked as I have had horrible service through at&t! Any suggestions for the Manhattan, Kansas area? I can’t seem to find anything.

  • Limor |

    I recently repaired my iPhone 4 through http://www.MyiPhoneRepair.com

    I purchased the same day turn around service and had my phone shipped overnight through fedex. The staff (Henry) contacted me right away in addition to the status update I received via email. They repaired my screen and emailed me the return fedex tracking number. I really couldnt ask for better service. I am sure every company has issues or problematic orders, but in my case everything worked flawlessly. Thank you Henry for a job well done!

  • Chance |

    My Iphone Repair is LEGITE! had water damage done on my phone and had no brightness on my phone with limited Wifi.. Fixed them both for a incredible price.
    Thanks myiphonerepair.com!

  • Raven D |

    I just recently used MyIphont Repair, and I was not scammed. Ignore the previous comment, they probably just couldn’t fix his phone. The have good deals,and they fixed my phone!! THEY ARE LEGIT SERIOUSLY and BBB accredited.

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