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Get Upgraded SVN Working on a Mac OS X Server

Jeremy Whitlock has a great blog post about how to set up your OS X-based Subversion server. His post includes instructions for Apache configs, but not for svn+ssh. When you type


you’ll likely get an error such as

svn: Expected FS format '2'; found format '4'

which means that you’re repository was created in a newer version of SVN than the version you run when you call svn+ssh. Using Jeremy’s instructions results in two versions of Subversion being available on your server – one in /usr/local and one in /opt/subversion. In order to use the one in /opt/subversion (the newest one) through an SSH tunnel, you need to make some SSH configuration changes on your server.

Getting svn+ssh to work requires:
1. Set (or uncomment) PermitUserEnvironment Yes in /etc/sshd_config (on server)
2. Add PATH=/opt/subversion/bin:$PATH to ~/.ssh/environment (on server; may have to create the environment file)
3. restart SSH (on server) with sudo /sbin/service ssh stop and sudo /sbin/service ssh start
Ta da!

Thanks for the jumpstart, Jeremy!

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