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Twitter network for danah boyd JSB Symposium talk

Today’s John Seely Brown Symposium had an active Twitter hashtag of #danahjsb. I imported the hashtag network* into NodeXL and had it draw up a graph for me (click the image for a giant BMP version):

#danahjsb network

#danahjsb network

Image size depends on the user’s number of followers. Edge color depends on the kind of edge – yellow indicates a following relationship, blue a reply/mention relationship. Compare our graph to Marc Smith’s graph of the #win09 hashtag users:

#win09 network

#win09 network

You’ll notice a couple of things. First, Marc is better with NodeXL than I am, and his graph is just easier to read. Then, dig a little deeper and notice that the network of users who used the #danahjsb hashtag is more densely connected. The #win09 network is brokered by the guy in the middle, and the #danahjsb network has no obvious brokers. More to come on my thoughts about the symposium talk and panel, stay tuned.

* only users whose tweets are public are included in these network diagrams

More Info:

What the hashtag?! – view the tweets

Coming Soon – watch the symposium talk and panel

So, what do you think ?

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