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Celebrity Twitter Networks and TwitChange

I’ve started following a bunch of TV actors, showrunners, and writers on Twitter. So many of those I follow have been tweeting about TwitChange.com that I got curious about the celebs’ Twitter networks and the potential reach the mentions and retweets people buy will have. With so many followers (most have >10,000), processing those networks takes a really long time, but I’ve dedicated a PC to gathering and analyzing networks for Amy Brenneman, Nathan Fillion, Michael Chiklis, and Kate Walsh. I picked two actors from Private Practice accidentally (well, conveniently) because I’m analyzing the Private Practice cast and crew networks for another project. Anyway, see the networks below (currently only Amy Brenneman is done, the rest are still processing).

About TwitChange

As I understand it TwitChange is a set of eBay auctions that let’s you “buy” a slice of a celebrity’s Twitter activity. You can bid on getting them to follow you, mention you, retweet you, or all of the above. The money goes to a great cause – CARE – that helps women and girls escape poverty. What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than working towards global social change, right?

Learn more at TwitChange

Celebrity Networks

Sure, getting a celebrity to follow, mention, or retweet you would be cool (I know I loved it when @HartHanson replied to me), but who could you reach with that single mention or retweet? In the spirit of social change, I set out to see what the networks of some celebrities on TwitChange look like to see just how much impact a winning bid could potentially buy.

Amy Brenneman

Ms Brenneman’s network is loosely connected, meaning that not many people who follow her follow each other. I could imagine that friends who follow one another on Twitter and who like Private Practice (or Judging Amy, etc.) to follow her, but the density (0.00019) of her network tells us that really individuals and not groups of friends follow her. Brenneman also has 23,450 people with 2 degrees – her followers and their followers. It’s likely that any Brenneman tweet reaches fewer people (not all of her followers retweet everything she says, obviously), but still, that’s quite a few people, especially when you compare it to your own network. Some other players (using centrality measures) in her network include @caterinatweets, @timmydaly, @kadeestrick, and @audraequalitymc. That her castmates (Caterina Scorsone, Tim Daly, KaDee Strickland, Audra McDonald) are also central in her network is not surprising – if you follow one person from Oceanside Wellness, you probably follow a couple. Here’s a quick-and-dirty rendering of @TheAmyBrenneman’s network:

Amy Brenneman's Twitter network

In the next day or so, I hope to have similar info on the other three actors I mentioned, and I’ll render more interesting (and useful) graphs. While you wait, why not donate to CARE?

So, what do you think ?

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