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Summer of NSF Workshops

I’ve been lucky enough this summer to be invited to two NSF workshops. The first, the Consortium for the Science of Sociotechnical Systems (CSST) Summer Institute wrapped up last Thursday and was an incredible experience. CSST’s summer institute for doctoral students and pre-tenure faculty covers a range of topics from community-building to getting tenure to balancing work and life. I’m thankful to the organizers, mentors, and participants for all their hard work and advice. I feel much more prepared to face the next steps in my career, and I’m thrilled to have been included.

In a couple weeks, I’ll head to Maryland to be a speaker in Summer Social Webshop 2012 (Webshop). Webshop is a workshop for graduate students around technology-mediated social participation. I’ll be talking about my work on elected officials’ social media use. See the schedule for a list of other speakers. Looks like it will be a great workshop!

Thanks, National Science Foundation, for supporting these kinds of intensive community- and expertise-building workshops.

So, what do you think ?

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