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#drought12 and #climategate Twitter Explorers

My brother sent me an interesting story from NPR about how farmers are using social media to keep track of what’s happening to others’ crops, and it got me thinking about whether I could get some sort of data explorer running on the fly when a new hashtag pops up. For the Public Officials and Social Media project we’re gathering so much data every day that it’s hard to get a sense of it overall. We’re always looking for easier ways to mine that data and to get a quick sense of what’s happening. Martin Hawksey has created TAGSExplorer, a set of free tools based on Google Spreadsheets, that lets you do just that. In about 5 minutes, I set up spreadsheets for #drought12 and #climategate and made publicly accessible explorers for each collection of tweets. Check them out:

drought12 Explorer

Screenshot of the #drought12 explorer

So, what do you think ?

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