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Paper, Panel, and Workshop at CSCW 2014

I’ll be jumping back into work next semester. What better way to kick off my return than a trip to CSCW 2014 in Baltimore?! I’m organizing the Feminism and Social Media Research Workshop on Sunday, participating in the panel The Ethos and Pragmatics of Data Sharing, and presenting a paper called Tweet Acts: How Constituents Lobby Congress via Twitter. I’ll post specifics for the panel and paper when the program’s available. In the meantime, apply to join us for the workshop! No position paper required, just a short abstract about your work and a couple questions about your interests in feminism and social media research.

Abstract for Tweet Acts: How Constituents Lobby Congress via Twitter

Twitter is increasingly becoming a medium through which constituents can lobby their elected representatives in Congress about issues that matter to them. Past research has focused on how citizens communicate with each other or how members of Congress (MOCs) use social media in general; our research examines how citizens communicate with MOCs. We contribute to existing literature through the careful examination of hundreds of citizen-authored tweets and the development of a categorization scheme to describe common strategies of lobbying on Twitter. Our findings show that contrary to past research that assumed citizens used Twitter to merely shout out their opinions on issues, citizens utilize a variety of sophisticated techniques to impact political outcomes.

Get the PDF from IIT’s institutional repository

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