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Notes from Bransford’s Talk

John Bransford’s Learning Sciences Guest Lecture

Book/research recommendations:

The Mind at Work by Mike Rose
Anders Ericsson (expert performance, experts resist automaticity)

Quality of Life issues –

health care, nutrition, finances, local environmental conditions (research within the LIFE Center)

Themes –

  • adaptive expertise – recognizing adaptability (when do my schemas apply?)
  • innovation
  • efficiency
  • schemas (i.e. SAT problem types)
  • constructive nature of knowing – we build knowledge out of what we already know
  • people knowledge – figure out what we need people to share to identify with and learn from

“Innovation is the sudden cessation of stupidity.” (Bransford quoted someone else)

Learning from Others

people learn better from people they know


Research in the LIFE center seems really interesting; I should go explore that area some more to see if there are “informal learning environment” ties or analogies to what I’m working on. Continue Reading

What doesn’t Fit

Some thoughts on what doesn’t fit within the scope of my field prelim-

  • Chomsky – sounds, language acquisition are too low-level and individual to really be part of my current study of identity/learning/networks