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Sunshine comes to Michigan

The sun finally came out this weekend in Michigan, and it was a balmy 65+ degrees for 3 whole days! I used the weekend to indulge in two of summer’s affordances – baseball and ice cream.

Friday night I went to my first MLB game of the season – Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers. It’s hard for me to chose a team in this match up. In junior high I was a big White Sox fan. I watched their games on SportsChannel and loved hearing Hawk and Wimpie (sp) call the shots. “You can put it on the bo-ard, yee-es!” was a good one. The strike turned me off baseball for quite a while. When I came back to the MLB, it was as a Cubs fan. I’d given in to my inner yuppie and joined the ranks of northside residents who cheered on the worst team in baseball. Cubs fans can’t understand how I could have a soft spot of any kind for the White Sox, but they don’t have the complicated relationship with SportsChannel, WGN, the south side, and Wrigley that I do. Now that I live in Michigan, I’ve caught a bit of Detroit fever. Tigers fans were loyal through a rough couple of decades, and I can respect that. They also have Magglio Ordonez, the man who awarded me with the only baseball I’ve ever caught at a game. Of course, at the time, he was playing for the White Sox. I went to the game with 4 other people who had already volunteered that they would be cheering for the Tigers. I like to be contrary, so not surprisingly, I decided to go with my White Sox roots and bought a “throwback” hat.

I sported my Sox hat proudly into Comerica Park and watched the southsiders beat the Tigers despite a most embarrassing error in the outfield. 3 players were within a few feet of a routine fly ball, and it dropped in front of them. Ouch. Anyway, the Sox won; I had a fun.

Some of those same fans and I ventured to Lansing, MI for a Lugnuts game Sunday afternoon. It was my first Lugnuts game (and my friend Serene’s first baseball game ever). I still prefer MLB to its farm team affiliates, but I had a great time eating my SnoKone. The Lugnuts aren’t a powerhouse, but it’s early in the season.

I tried to entice all my First Street neighbors to ice cream on Saturday, but I got no bites. Luckily Sunday evening Rachael was ready for ice cream, so we took a walk and stopped by the Washtenaw Dairy. The place was packed, and smelling sunscreen, eating ice cream, and wearing flip flops all made it feel like a great summer day. Now, back to our regularly scheduled month – April.

Freemont Street Experience

Here I am in Las Vegas, celebrating Christmas with my family. Tonight we went downtown to watch the Freemont Street Experience and see some of the oldest casinos around. You can see still photos from this trip on Flickr, and here are links to short YouTube videos of parts of the 6pm and 7pm Freemont Street Experience shows:

6pm Show – Beginning (7 sec.)

6pm Show – Middle (17 sec.)

6pm Show – End (44 sec.)

7pm Show – Middle (13 sec.)

Note: The Luxor cable internet connection is ridiculously slow, so I’ll upload the others later.

Poker and research: friends or foes?

I’m a poker player. Some days I am terrible; others I am quite good. Mostly, though, I am fascinated. Here are my thoughts about a new research project I’d like to conduct around poker. The categories for my project outline are from Writing Your Dissertation: How to Plan, Prepare and Present Your Work Successfully by Derek Swetnam.

Project Outline: Poker
I’m interested in poker as a form of leisure and profession. I’m also interested in how it has changed over time and how technologies and situations affect poker players and how they think about the game and themselves. Continue Reading