Update: my Collective Action and Social Media Lab site is updated more often. Go there for research info.

I joined the Illinois Institute of Technology as an Assistant Professor in 2010. You can find out more about my work at IIT on my lab website. Before joining IIT, I was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Arizona State’s School of Public Affairs and a Research Fellow at the University of Michigan School of Information. My PhD is also from the University of Michigan School of Information.

Much of my recent work has focused on the use of Twitter by politicians and citizens talking to/about politicians. My goals here are to understand how politicians represent issues online without relying on traditional news media and how their online behavior might impact civic engagement. Some of the key research questions include: Do politicians frame issues differently in direct exchanges than through highly formalized press releases submitted to the traditional media? Do they use Twitter for dialogue or just another monologue? From the public’s side, I analyze the roles that social media play in moving policy issues onto the public agenda and how engaging with one’s representatives via social media impacts civic engagement.

I’m a multi-methods researcher, and I teach courses on user research, social media, organizational communication, social network analysis and qualitative methods. You can read more about my work in posts tagged “research” and on the Research page. My lab – the Collaboration and Social Media Lab @ IIT – has more info as well.

When I’m not working on research or teaching, I’m probably cooking or watching Michigan Football (Go Blue!). I’m also available for consulting on social media development and user research projects and was a founding member of the Social Media Research Foundation.

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  • September 17, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    Libby, Thanks for the informative posts about your Mac experiences.

    I’m looking for a copy of WinClone 2.2 (tryng to migrate a Boot Camp partition, of course) but it looks like twocanoes.com has closed up shop.

    Do you have a copy I could get from you, or could you please direct me further?

    Thanks again!


  • November 23, 2010 at 3:40 pm

    Regarding your 2/20/09 post on iPhone apps: Syphone
    could you please tell me where to get specific install/use info as I am trying to restore deleted info from my 2GiPhone and the new version isn’t working and not sure how to dowload onto hard drive out of iTunes anyway

    Would very much appreciate your suggestion/help — have lost criticaql data

    Best, AWB
    Friday, February 20th, 2009
    Updated 6/23/2010

    As a commenter points out, Syphone doesn’t work with current or recent iPhone OS. Don’t waste your time.

    Updated 2/21/2009

    Syphone is a Mac freeware application that allows you to archive your iPhone SMS messages to your Mac hard drive. Here’s a screenshot from my messages with Google Local:

    Syphone screenshot
    If you’re using iPhone firmware 2.1+, you may get “No iPhones found!” in the drop down next to “iPhone” there near the top left. If so, go into Syphone’s Preferences and uncheck the box marked “Run helper app in the background.” Restart Syphone, and your iPhone and its messages should appear. You can change the colors, sort order, and export your messages to XML, PDF, or TXT.

    Originally, I’d posted that I was unable to get the XML export to work. Ben commented that he was successful using XML export for one contact at a a time. This morning I tried again making sure I had one and only one contact selected. Success! Here’s a screen shot of the XML output:

    Syphone XML output
    Now I’m definitely tempted to study text messaging. Any workgroups out there who all use iPhones and want to be in a study of text messaging at work?

    Syphone stores its database in /Users//Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup.

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  • November 23, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    So, was that your comment about not working with recent iphone IOS?
    This is a 2G phone — is there any tool to restore deleted data from the backup file on my computer?

    A reply to my email or here would be greatly appreciated. Sorry, but clearly, i am not computer savvy or i wouldn’t ask twice

    desperate for the data, regards

  • March 28, 2011 at 6:53 am

    Dear Libby! I want to thank you for your important and informative posts! You know, our hobbies are much alike)) I also like cooking and try to play guitar. I can do it only a little:) What I am unable to do unfortunately is fix my Mac. Therein lies the essential difference between us… You might help me fix mine. My Mac fails to start up and just ends up displaying the blue screen. Or it may log in but then fail to show the desktop. I’ve heard I should run Repair Disk, but I can’t do that when my Mac won’t start. What can I do? Thank you in advance.

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